Monday, February 16, 2015

Yes, to Yuca Flour!

My husband and I don't buy into the commercialization of Valentine's Day, but we do love an excuse to treat ourselves to some good eats. This past Friday night, we hit up our favorite Cuban restaurant in Hoboken,NJ -  The Cuban. It's a more sophisticated twist on your traditional rice and beans, and it is sooo good. More importantly they just so happen to be extremely gluten-free friendly and my husband doesn't need to sacrifice taste!

Behold - the magic of yuca flour.

Yuca Bread - They mix Yuca flour with Manchego cheese and bring out these heavenly, soft, chewy rolls to every table. When we first visited this restaurant, I couldn't believe these were gluten-free, so I didn't eat them. My husband says they are pretty much the same consistency as your standard dinner roll.

Yuca Rellena - inside these soft, crispy cones is a similar kind of ground beef or "picadillo" mixture you would find inside an empanada - except better. According to their online menu they are stuffed with "savory beef, capers, raisin, sweet plantain, truffle jalepeno cream, chimichurri"
Note: apologies for the shaky and low quality pictures - I was just so excited to dig in!

Health-wise, we shared a Churrasco for our main meal which was accompanied by a side salad and yuca fries. Overall, I could've done without the carby, yuca overload - but I made it up the following morning with a HIIT (High-intensity interval training) workout!

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