Tuesday, August 25, 2015

When Life Gives you Lemons...

...Make lemon water!

I grew up in a Hispanic household drinking café con leche on a regular basis. For those of you unfamiliar with cuban coffee, I'll let Ralphie May explain:

So, back to lemon water.

It's fantastic!

Among the endless benefits of drinking lemon water - one of them is the burst of energy you get, which helps you ween off caffeine dependence. If you watched Ralphie May explain the affect of Cuban coffee, I think you'll understand how powerful lemon water actually is - especially when I say that it works! I've been able to cut back my caffeine intake without the pesky headaches I was getting.

I won't pretend to know all the benefits of lemon water, so I'll just leave this here for your edification:


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